1. Last weekend I almost called you but I didnโ€™t want to bother you and my hands were shaking too hard to dial anyway.

2. I kissed a boy I met a few weeks ago. I swallowed my tears when he wasnโ€™t looking and when I showed my mother a picture of the two of us, she told me he looks a lot like you.

3. I fell asleep on my best friendโ€™s couch and she told me I was crying in my sleep the way I used to when I missed you.

4. Last night I was driving alone and the air felt like it did the first time you kissed me, when everything was cold except for us and cool air was hitting my teeth because I couldnโ€™t stop smiling. I almost crashed the fucking car.

5. I was in the store today and I saw a keychain with your name on it and I bought it. Iโ€™ve been squeezing it in my hand so hard itโ€™s leaving marks on my skin. There are still marks on my skin from the night you left. Iโ€™ve stopped thinking theyโ€™ll go away.

6. I watched your favorite movie 4 times today.

7. The boy I sit next to in English class smells like you.

8. I was just calling to see how your little brother is doing.

9. I stopped drinking peppermint tea because it tastes too much like the days we used to spend together. I also stopped sleeping.

10. You left some stuff at my house, maybe you should come pick it up and we can get coffee or something.

11. I play your favorite song a lot. I donโ€™t even fucking like it.

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